What is Fistball Sports?


Just like Volleyball or similar like that. But the difference is how to present your hand or fist, and also the type of net  한국야동

Fistball is a return game in which two teams face each other on two half-fields, similar to Volleyball. They are separated by a center line and a net-like ribbon that is stretched between two posts. The net height differs between categories, for women a net height of 1.90m applies. Tape and post are not allowed to be touched by a player or the ball.

Each team consists of five players. The goal is to fend off the attacks of the opponent and to play the ball back into the other half field, inaccessible to the opponent. In contrast to Volleyball, in Fistball the ball can only be played with one arm, also in the defense. In addition, the ball may bounce once on the ground per player, as in tennis. Each team is allowed to touch the ball 3 times, whereby no player is allowed to touch the ball twice.

The Rules of Fistball

*The number of Sets

Unlike volleyball, fistball players have a fixed position throughout a set. Speaking of sets, the match usually comprises of 5-6 sets but more can be added depending on the circumstances.

*The area of the playing field

The playing field for the game is generally bigger than what is used in volleyball. Moreover, the size of the field varies. Depending on whether it is played indoors or outdoors. A court with wooden floor is being used for indoor play. on the other hand, the outdoor game is played on grass.

*The number of Teams

One strange thing about fistball is that more than one teams from the same club or country can participate in a single tournament. However, players from either team cannot switch their position during the championship and must stay a part of their original team.

Fistball Skills

is a good defender possesses great agility, responsiveness, technical ability and positional sense

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